Do not do what I ask!

I invite, have always invited, my Alexander Technique pupils, if they are willing, to explore NOT doing what I ask.

My ultimate delight is to witness an entire class, if I’m teaching a group, NOT carrying out my suggestion.

In a private lesson there’s a now familiar grin of disbelief as my pupil realises what I’m saying.  Really?  I’m not to do what you ask me to do?  A dreamy pupil doesn’t hear, we repeat the process.  They wake up.

As I witness each person returning to themselves, I invite them to welcome the thread of ‘up’ returning through the spine bringing grace, bringing poise.

To make a fresh decision.

To move or not to move. 

The possibility of something completely different.

Young and old, students love this.  They take up the space, their space, balance, try out headstands, stand on the chair, pick the chair up, relish not moving.


We are all, me as the teacher, the pupil (or the group) we are ‘with’ ourselves and each other.

Constructive Conscious Freedom.


Taking lessons in the Alexander Technique will give you a better understanding of why injury happens, help alleviate your painful symptoms and give you the tools and insights you need to prevent it happening again.

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The Alexander Technique - so much more than a way to good posture.