What is the Alexander Technique?


The Alexander Technique is a solid, pragmatic, tried-and-tested for over 100 years way to get back on track, regain the support of your back and dip your toe into the waters of non-doing, authentic presence, mindful awareness and, well, your innate joy and playfulness.

Alexander himself was an indie-thinker back in the 1890s systematically working out what he was doing that was causing him grief and scuppering his stage performances.

He watched himself like a hawk, recognised his own unconscious sabotaging body-patterns and came to the conclusion that in order to change the way he was going about things he had to stop in their (brain) tracks whatever unconscious habits were running the show.

I could go on and on about the benefits of this thought-provoking, mind-changing, body-sorting technique but suffice to say, it works.